Providus Bank Staff In Trouble Over Alleged N1.1B Scam

According to iReportnews Media, an investigation is currently underway in Abuja involving Providus Bank Limited, its officials, and another commercial bank in connection with an alleged N1 billion fraud scam.

The investigation stems from a transfer of about N1 billion by a bureau de change operator in Abuja, Shamsudeen Ahmed, through the banks to suspected criminals.

These criminals reportedly offered to send $1 million from Dubai to Ahmed, but the money mysteriously disappeared.

Detectives are now looking into the bank staff’s involvement in the illegal transfer of the money after the suspects provided three account details where Ahmed paid in the money, only to later discover that the suspects conspired to defraud.

In a petition written on behalf of the complainant by Anthony Odule, and addressed to the Inspector General of Police, the complainant alleged that on December 8, 2023, he was contacted by the suspects, Gambo Dahiru, Ibrahim Mohammed, Shaibu Mohammed and Francis Azubuike aka Frank, who deceived him to believe that there was a genuine $1 million for sale from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which he innocently indicated interest.

According to the petition, “Our client stated that the suspects provided the following account details: Account Name: Ushaib Global Investment Limited; Account number; Account number: 5400393231, domicile in (Providus Bank), Account name; Yadiz Oil and Gas Plc Nigeria Limited account; domicile in (a third-generation bank) and Account Name: A&M. Technology Red Set; Account number – 5404168804, (Providus Bank), where the complainant paid in N830 million, N330 million and N10 million, respectively.

“Our client stated that upon preliminary investigation, it was found that the suspects conspired among themselves to defraud our client of his hard-earned money as they do not have dollars anywhere to give to our client but have shared the money amongst themselves.

What is of concerning for our client is that he borrowed a portion of the money sent to the suspects and co-conspirators, and the non-repayment will significantly damage his reputation.

Upon suspecting foul play, the complainant promptly notified all the banks involved in the situation, urging them to halt the payment and refund the money to him.

The complainant stated, “One of the banks has refunded a portion of the money, but the other has refused.

Why didn’t the bank request evidence if they are adamant about this claim? I have requested the return of my funds or the freezing of the account, but no action has been taken.

The bank has the authority to halt this fraudulent activity, yet they have failed to do so.”

According to police sources, investigators have been questioning bank officials as six suspected fraudsters have been apprehended and have returned a portion of the stolen funds.

Attempts to contact the banks were unsuccessful, as calls made to their Head of Corporate Communications went unanswered.

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