Zuri’ar Sarkin Kano Muhammad Auwali 

The appointment of Amir Omar El Ali, popularly known as Sarki El Amir, as the Emir of North America is welcome news to the people of the Kutumbawa Dynasty. His appointment is an answered prayer, as the people have long awaited this great news.

Alhaji Mustapha Abubakar Rimin Kira, the ward head of Kutumbawa in Kano, endorsed Amir’s appointment for a dignified role. The notification of appointment, signed by the Kachallan Kutumbawa, Dahiru Muhammad Maihula, extolled the new Emir and gave reasons for endorsing Amir as capable of leading his people in North America.

The Letter Reads

I, Dahiru Muhammad Maihula, as Kachallan Kutumbawa, acting on the recommendation of the King Makers and with the powers conferred upon me by the ward head of Kutumbawa, Alhaji Mustapha Abubakar Rimin Kira, am delighted to officially appoint you as the Emir of North America.”

“I am writing to confirm that you have been appointed to a position of significant public trust and confidence due to your outstanding performance, competence, integrity, loyalty to Allah, and extensive 32 years of experience in private administration. I am confident that you will make a valuable contribution to our efforts to bring the traditional institution closer to the community and increase people’s involvement in developing the Kutumbawa Emirate of North America.

“It is hoped that your appointment as Emir of North America will significantly contribute to achieving the collective vision of ushering in a new era to transform the traditional institution into the best one in North America.

It is my distinct honour to warmly congratulate you on this important milestone and extend my heartfelt prayer for Allah (Subhanahu Wata’ala) to grant you the wisdom, determination, and courage to carry out this assignment diligently.”

It will interest you to know that Amir is a former Chief Record Label Executive and Artist by the name of Kuwait, He is the nephew of country music star and legend “Dobie Gray” and the cousin-in-law of gospel music legend “Kathy Taylor” on his mother’s side of the family. On his father’s side, the Glovers, he is the descendant of 43 Hausa Kings.

The Glover family is very famous in the state of Texas. Amir’s cousin, Melvin Rogers Glover, founded Glover’s Rodeo and held the first-ever Glover’s Rodeo in Madisonville, Texas in 1981. The 40th Installment of the famed Glover’s Rodeo would have taken place in 2020. Unfortunately, Mr. Glover passed away on Feb. 21, 2021, due to complications with the COVID-19 virus at the age of 75. Mr. Glover’s love for horses was in his DNA lineage linked to the Hausa. The role of the horse in Hausa culture is a symbol of social status in Hausa Society.

Music has been a powerful tool for the black community in America, allowing individuals like Amir to share their stories and establish their place in society. From the days of slavery, music has been used as a means of empowerment and resistance. As the truth about the status of black Americans became evident, they turned to music as a form of expression. During the civil rights movement, music played a crucial role, with many black entertainers using their platform to stand against oppression.

Today, Amir is a top jeweller and founder of Amir Jewels Customs. He is also a stock investor. Upon discovering his royal bloodline in Hausa, Nigeria, he connected with his ancestry and was honoured and recognized back home with a warm welcome.

This story should inspire anyone struggling to find their identity.

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