Chairman of the Cubana Group, Chief Obinna Iyiegbu today at the 50th Convocation Ceremony of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), held at the Convocation Hall of the University, delivered a ground-breaking commencement speech for the 50th convocation ceremony of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


The Nigerian business tycoon noted that he remains ever grateful to identify as a proud alumnus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and as a way of giving back to his Almata Mata, he went on to endow convocation prizes which were valued at 10 million naira; to be presented to best-graduating students subsequently starting with the fresh graduates and also promised to build a Cubana Experience Centre at the Nsukka Campus of the University, to create opportunities for training and employment for students.

 Chief Obinna Iyiegbu stated that he feels honored to be invited by the university as the commencement speaker for the 50th convocation ceremony of the institution. He commenced his speech titled “success is a process” by acknowledging the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, the chairman of the Senate Ceremonials Committee, Professor Bennett Nwanguma, the entire University management and staff, and the fresh graduates of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka whom he hailed as the ‘Lions and Lioness’.


Speaking, he said “recently, I have been using various platforms, including social media, to inspire and motivate young Nigerians across the world. But today, I have come here in person to challenge, inspire and motivate you as you leave the four walls of this institution and begin a new phase in your life’s journey.


“This is because I want to encourage you to confront your future with courage and determination - just like the Lions and Lionesses that you are.

 “First of all, your convocation is a special one because it is the 50th or golden Convocation of the University of Nigeria. Congratulations.


“Not too long ago, in 1998 to be precise, I sat in this same hall for my own convocation. Like you all, it was a proud day for me and my family. Like you all, my graduation was the end of one struggle and the beginning of yet another.


“So, as I celebrated my graduation, my mind wandered about just like yours is doing today. I was worried about what lay ahead for me: How soon will I get a job? Will I ever get my dream job? What will I do if I do not get a good job? How soon will I stop depending on my parents for support?”


He noted that his story was not characterized by success alone after graduation but rather a mixture of failures, challenges, difficulties, and disappointments.


The super entrepreneur urged the fresh graduates to learn and perhaps get inspired from his story of how he failed in several attempts to succeed in business but never allowed his failures to distort his vision and passion to be great in life.


“Like all of you, I wanted to be successful, but I knew that real and enduring success would not come easy. My dear parents thought me quite early in life that success is a process and not an event. As I experienced life, I realized they were right.


“I have come to see success as a journey and like most journeys; you have to take it one step at a time. And to get to your destination, you must be going in the right direction. And if you ever realize that you have missed your way, what do you do? You must change your direction. Like all journeys, there will be obstacles, bumps, and challenges to overcome” he said.


Obi Cubana, who stated that he graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science Degree (second class upper division) in Political Science and went further to do his mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in Abuja where he served at the National Assembly for one year, said he had high hopes to be retained as a staff of the National Assembly or any other Federal Government Parastatals but that never happened and as a result, he stayed unemployed for some time before making a breakthrough in business after several years.


He ended the speech by encouraging the fresh graduates to aspire for the very best of their next level; never forgetting that ‘success is a process’. And in a bid to support the university and to encourage fresh graduates, Obi Cubana donated the sum of 10 million naira to be used to endow some of the convocation prizes starting from 2019/2020.


“First, I will endow some convocation prizes valued at 10 million nairas starting from this 2019/2020 set. This will be shared as follows. One million naira - The Cubana Prize for the best graduating student of the University.


“One million naira is The Cubana prize for the best-graduating student of the Department of Political Science and five hundred thousand naira is the Cubana prize for the best-graduating student in each of the 17 faculties of the University.

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