The ongoing communication campaign by leading drinking yoghurt brand, Hollandia Yoghurt, to deepen its connection with consumers across Northern Nigeria is already yielding positive results with increased awareness and preference as the ideal drinking yoghurt for moments of wholesome nourishment.

A cross-section of consumers in Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Sokoto and Borno reveal that their renewed awareness & affinity to Hollandia Yoghurt can be attributed to the ubiquitous and visible presence of the Out of Home advertising boards and radio jingles heralding the campaign.

The campaign tagged “Always Tradition, Always Hollandia Yoghurt” celebrates the deep connection of the Northern consumers with tradition, love and friendship. It resonates with their local needs and way of life for moments of wholesome nourishment.

Mallam Suleiman Hussaini, a company executive in Kano, stated that “as part of our tradition what we eat and with whom we eat can inspire and strengthen the bonds between individuals as well as communities. It is heartwarming to see Hollandia Yoghurt associate with these moments by providing wholesome nourishment in the mix.”

Bilkisu Musa, a secondary school teacher in Sokoto noted that driving through the metropolis, the visible Hollandia Yoghurt Out of Home display boards of its new campaign are a constant reminder of the brand and its wholesome nourishment benefit.

“For much of the year here in Sokoto, the weather is generally humid with the need for replenishment. Hollandia Yoghurt is my preferred drinking yoghurt for its quality, delicious taste and nourishment, and I enjoy it with my favourite local snack, masa, as a tasty treat for replenishment,” she stated. 

Hollandia Yoghurt provides the wholesome nourishment for active replenishment and revitalizing energy that keeps you positively recharged to be at your best for the day.

The Hollandia Yoghurt 1Ltr pack encourages sharing, bonding and wholesome nourishment to every gathering, at home or at parties. The 500ml pack is for individual enjoyment for satiety and relaxation. The 90ml value pack provides the perfect drink to accompany children’s food packs as they head off to school.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs Toyin Nnodi, expressed satisfaction with the positive consumer feedback across states in Northern Nigeria on the “Always Tradition, Always Hollandia Yoghurt” campaign thus far.

“We are excited about the responses so far and look forward to growing affinity, preference and purchase intentions of Hollandia Yoghurt with consumers across Northern Nigeria,” she said.

Hollandia Yoghurt is available in two variants of Plain Sweetened and Strawberry, and it comes in five different pack sizes of 1Ltr, 500ml, 315ml, 180ml and 90ml

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