Chivita Active Zest

Chivita Active, one of Nigeria’s most admired fruit juice has unveiled new 125ml & 50ml pack sizes for its hugely popular sub-brand Chivita Active Zest. Offering the same great taste and benefit, which the brand is renowned and cherished for, the 125ml & 50ml pack sizes are a strategic move to ensure more product affordability and accessibility to a wider spectrum of Nigerian consumers.

The new Chivita Active Zest 125ml & 50ml pack sizes join the 330ml Can on the market shelf and retail at ₦60 & ₦30 respectively. The affordability and accessibility of the brand is sure to trigger more demand, maintain market dominance, and also improve penetration in geographical markets. So be it during a long walk, exercises, on a road trip or even at work, consumers can have the drink size that best suits their lifestyle and enjoy their favourite Chivita Active Zest, in the right amount.

Chivita Active Zest is made from a mix of citrus fruits with all-natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives, and flavours. Additionally, it is fortified with vitamin C for immunity support, and it is a good source of vitamin B1 and D3 for faster body metabolism. Chivita Active Zest also contains calcium for optimum bone health, making it a smart choice to get the right dose of essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy active life.

Toyin Nnodi, CHI Limited Marketing Director stated that the new Chivita Active Zest packs are convenient, easy to use, affordable and will attract more consumers to try out this healthy great tasting juice.

“We are pleased to launch Chivita Active Zest 125ml and 50ml packs at a very affordable price point enabling more consumers to try as well as enjoy their favourite juice. These forward-looking packs and pocket-friendly pricing represent an important milestone along our journey to make Chivita Active Zest more affordable and accessible to all consumers” she said.

Chivita Active Zest’s 125ml and 50ml pack sizes are available in all departmental stores and neighbourhood shops located across Nigeria

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