Impact & Inspire Suspends Scholarships Awarded To Nigerian Beneficiaries Until Further Notice


“A scholarship beneficiary in Nigeria, in collaboration with a staff of National Human Rights Commission, has filed a complaint with the UK Charity Commission under anonymity. The complainants allege that charity’s beneficiaries in Nigeria have not received their scholarship funds; fueling insinuation that substantial payments have been made to the Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation. Additionally, the complainants allege that Ms Jacobs, a UK based Charity Chair Trustee has used some of the charity’s funds for personal purposes. When confronted with these allegations, Ms. Jacobs threatened legal action against those behind the allegations against her.


Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has refuted all of the allegations; describing them as untrue and malicious. Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation further maintains that the allegations around non-payment of scholarship allowance to some of the awardees  was orchestrated at defaming the leadership of the charity by desperate individuals seeking for means of survival.


It should be imperative to emphasise that all scholarships awarded to Nigerian beneficiaries have now been suspended until further notice in line with the organization’s policy.


Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation is a not-for-profit charity organization established in 2014 and duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria in line with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 and all relevant laws.


Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has been rendering support free of charge to hundreds of vulnerable members of Nigerian society since 2014. The support initiative targets the poor, needy, elderly, less-privileged, disabled, orphans, widowed, oppressed, downtrodden, homeless, indigent, and students.


Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has also been actively involved in rehabilitating drug addicts and victims of sexual, domestic, and psychological abuses across the country. The rehabilitation of abused children and other categories of vulnerable people has been carried out at the Special Correctional Center for Girls located in Idi-Araba Mushin, Lagos.


In addition, Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation engaged in the distribution of relief items to people impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. Impact and Inspire  (Wuraolami) Foundation provides healthcare services on annual basis as well as education support grants in form of sponsorship and scholarships to indigent and orphaned students. Relief made available to the needy include social security stipends to senior citizens across the country, among other efforts aimed at making society a better place.


“The Humanity Impact and Inspire Initiative has been well received by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the  Orphanages and Motherless Babies Homes, Hospitals / Maternity Centres as well as Correctional and Rehabilitation Centres across the country.


Over the past decade, the Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has maintained an exemplary track record of integrity and accountability in rendering services to humanity. Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has collaborated with prominent individuals and organizations, including renowned medical practitioners, public servants, politicians, political office holders without any complaints of misconduct contrary to the allegations that remain unsubstantiated.


Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation is therefore committed to exploring legal means of addressing the situation by filing a formal petition to the Nigeria Police Force. The organisation is committed to challenging defamation against its leadership in accordance with Nigerian law as contained in provisions of the Criminal Code Act, the Cybercrimes (Prohibition, Prevention, etc.) Act, 2015, and all other relevant provisions of Nigerian Laws.


With regards to issue of scholarship raised in the UK complaints to the charity commission, especially concerning false claims by individuals such as Chinyere Okereafor Joy, and Olaoluwa Lawrence to be beneficiaries of the Charity’s Scholarship Scheme, sufficient evidences are available to counter the falsehood.



It is disheartening that Nigeria has a high rate of out-of-school children; particularly among young people as evidenced by the numbers of children engaging in hawking and other domestic chores; some of which are hazardous. Unfortunately, this situation fuels the crime rate in the country. Considering these challenges, the Impact and Inspire (Wuraolami) Foundation has made the provision of quality education one of its main objectives. To achieve this, the charity’s trustees have decided to award educational and vocational scholarships to financially disadvantaged students across the country who meet the necessary criteria.


The requirements mentioned above were carefully crafted to align with global best practices and were free from any malicious intent, bad faith, or bias. The recipients of the scholarships were completely unknown and unrelated to the Charity’s Trustees and the Chair. Despite this, some dishonest individuals took advantage of the charity’s generosity.


Contrary to charity’s policy of directly paying scholarships to the educational institutions chosen by the recipients, some individuals attempted to unlawfully divert the scholarship funds into personal and unverified accounts for their own gain. One of the recipients even did not have admission to any educational institution and she was not a student, but still sought to misappropriate the funds. It is important to note that all recipients who met the charity’s requirements received their scholarship funds, which were duly sent to their respective educational or vocational institutions. All payments for scholarship funds were made to the legitimate institutions of the charity’s scholarship recipients. Some of the proof of payment is hereby attached.  


There is currently a case is in Police Zone 2, Ikoyi, under ASP Segun Jibulu and his assistant, Insp. Steven. All necessary requested documents have been submitted, although too long a period than expected for the reason best known to the officers in charge. However, Our organization strongly believes that there is a need for thorough investigation to put an end to unnecessary misinformation and willful defamation.


God bless Impact and Inspire! God bless Lagos State!! God bless Nigeria!!! 

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