Providus X Sujimoto : Luxury meets Luxury


Abeokuta - The City built on Solid rock. Spanning 879 km² of fertile wooded savanna, an Industrialist’s haven. A  hub that is responsible for the development of land and water resources for Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states, making it one of the most significant locations in terms of Socio-Economic importance to other cities in the west especially Lagos and Oyo States.  With a population of 449,088, the City of Abeokuta serves as the Gateway to an industrial revolution in Nigeria.

It is therefore not by Providence, that Providus Bank - the Number one Luxury Bank in Africa, decided to cite its Multi-dimensional bank buildings in one of the most significant industrious cities – Abeokuta.


The historical significance of Abeokuta has pushed the future forward bank, to once again reiterate one of its fundamental goals by urging Citizens to take advantage of its handpicked travel, lifestyle, and insurance benefits that are designed to help you enjoy the finest luxuries in life at low costs.

In doing so, it chose the most apt partner in the whole of Africa - The Sujimoto Group. The group is known in the corridors of Power and affluence as the number one Luxury builder in Nigeria. With its award-winning Buildings such as the Lucrezia, the Leonardo, and the Guillano amongst others.

 Its newest product, Ilu titun - which like the Providus Bank, is also providing the finest of luxury living services at the lowest of budgets to the mass market, wherewith as low as 22 million Naira, anyone can own a home in a city that has been termed “The Mini Dubai”. Sujimoto is indeed on the verge of creating history in the City of Epe.

The group accepted the call to action by Providus bank and erected the New Providus Abeokuta from pillar to chandeliers, and cladded it with the highest quality of aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), 1.8 X 9meter tiling, and luxury track lights. Swiveled on the ground floor is a spiral staircase that is adorned by a 2.6 meters Swarovski chandelier. The stairs take you from the ground floor to the HNI area.    

The building is also sprinkled with the best of the best of amenities - Porcelanosa Vanity by Zaha Hadid, Schneider, Noken taps, Luxury spotlights, solar car park lighting, In house water treatment plant, tensile stress poles, ACP façade, high quality tampered and reflective glass facades and a ‘Future forward Wakanda’ themed ATM building.

It is not by coincidence that the best Luxury Bank in Africa partnered with the best Luxury builders in Africa to erect the best Bank building the west has ever seen. In showing how much the project means to him, every step was personally supervised by Sujimoto’s GMD Dr. Sijibomi Ogundele, who was ‘boots on the ground’ from the groundbreaking of the project till its completion. It is safe to say that this was done with the same energy, professionalism and passion as all his other award-winning projects.

Dr. Ogundele also pointed out that cost was the last in consideration while erecting the building.

On the list of priorities of this project, Quality was number 1, 2 and 3. The cost of the building is not as important as the value of it


This is the first time that the Sujimoto Group has broken its mantra to build a luxury edifice for another brand. A feat that Dr. Ogundele says he is absolutely proud of because of how close the bank is to his heart and to also pay back a favor to the Bank.

When asked if building for other brands is going to be a future line of business, Dr. Ogundele simply said “Maybe one or two more, but the vision has to be convincing and the price has to be befitting. Any project less than 1bn, we won’t touch it”


With a total area size of 2842.54 SQMT, the new Providus Bank by Sujimoto is situated in the popular Oba Gbadebo Road,  Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta , Ogun State. With a nautical reading of 7.1343835, 3.3409740.

To the left of the edifice is the OPIC headquarters, which coincidentally is the tallest building in Abeokuta. To the north of the edifice is the approved site for the biggest shopping complex in Abeokuta. The New Providus Bank headquarters could not have been better situated.


Built like one of the Burj al Rahab Luxury duplexes, the building houses a Staff Canteen, Canteen store, Driver's room, Staff Crèche room, MOPOL  Room, Cleaner room, Panel room, Server room, Inverter room, 3 store rooms, 8 toilets on ground floor, 8 toilets on first floor and HNI LOUNGE.

The comfort of the Staff and Customers took absolute precedence in the creation of this magnificent masterpiece which tells a great deal about the vision of the Forward thinking bank where customer satisfaction works in tandem with staff gratification.

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