"Deliver Us From King Nebuchadnezzar Gbolahan Lawal", Iru Community Resident Begs Gov. Sanwo-Olu


Oba Gbolahan Lawal has done many things to question his readiness for leadership and mental stability, since becoming a king, but nothing he has done is as ugly as his recent act of undermining the government of Lagos state and running Iru land as a parallel state away from the administration of His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwoolu.

It is believed that royalty and thuggery should be opposites, since the title of majesty inherently comprises power and value, and does not need impunity to thrive.


After an event in Lagos State, where a king acted just like a thug and ran his own government, can no longer be equated with majesty, and we should ask why


Despite the sensitivity that surrounds the reopening of the toll gates in Lekki after the reported massacre that put Lagos in the spotlight across the world barely 14 months ago, one royal father decided to mount four strategic toll gates within one community in Lagos state.


The poster boy for this majestic descent is the maverick Oniru of Iru land, Oba Gbolahan, who in a state that has rules and regulations, decided to build his own tollgates.


This absurdity is a moment of pause, not just in Lagos State, but for the nation; for we are desecrating esteemed royal institutions by allowing nefarious individuals to assume positions that should be a reserve of people of good character and nobility.


Report from concerned residents of lru has it that car owners now pay through their nose in their own community to get home in their cars every day, as Oniru has reportedly mounted 4 toll gates in conspicuous places within Iru and planted his heavily armed thugs in each tollgate to intimidate and attack any resident who questions his inimical policy.


One of the affected residents who spoke to newsmen says there is nowhere in the world, where there is an existing government with rule guiding the state that will condone a king to initiate a policy that evidently contravened the legitimate umbrella government.


“This is a slap on Lagos governor.  He cannot feign innocence of this development and the cry of the people of Iru land. The inimical policy is an affront and assault to the collective intelligence of Iru people and Lagos state by extension.


“Governor Sanwoolu needs to rise to this occasion and call Oba Gbolahan to order before the once cherished community become ungovernable.” He said.


The latest in his series of errors is the compulsory issuance of Palace permits on every land purchased in Iru. Whenever anyone buys land in Iru, and you need to obtain Governor’s consent, you will be sent back to the palace for a letter from Oba Gbolahan. Who then charges you between N10m - N20m to issue a clearance letter that they have no business issuing.


This is the latest scam been perpetrated between Oba Gbolahan and the Lagos State Government we believe.


Eventually if as a land owner you cant meet up with their charges, you would have to give up the land as you might not be able to face the wrath of Oba Gbolahan’s thugs.


Indeed, in recent times, many have begun to psycho-analyze him and even try to unearth his past, in an effort to know if he is truly deserving of the throne he currently occupies. Those who are calling for an investigation into his struggling years, which seems to have now exposed the big blot on his careless volitions, maintain that he has desecrated the stool to the embarrassment of his subjects.


Curiously, about two years into his ascendancy to the throne, the Oniru of Iru has not done anything, consciously or otherwise, to disabuse the minds of his critics who have tagged him as an undeserving king.


His actions are said to be giving many grave concerns, as it is giving the town a bad image.


Iru community however called upon Lagos state governor, Babajide Sawoolu to save them from the clutches of a Nebuchadnezzar-incarnate in the person of Oba Gbolahan

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