Erelu Tinuade's Easter Goodwill Message To All Nigerians


The Erelu Oodua of Aye Kingdom & Irawo-Oni Oodua of Yorubaland, Erelu Mabel Tinuade Onaneye has urged the Yoruba Christian faithful in Nigeria and diaspora to imbibe the teachings of Jesus in their conduct and relationship with others as they celebrate Easter.

In a statement on Sunday, 04 April 2021 in Lagos, Erelu also congratulated all Christians in her senatorial district and Nigeria on this important day.

The Erelu said the resurrection of Jesus, the reason for Easter, was the foundation of the Christian faith. “It is not only the promise of eternity, but it is also the guarantee of a life of victory, here on earth”. Read the statement below:

I join Christians across Yorubaland and around the entire Nigeria in celebrating this year’s Easter. In remembrance of the persecution of Jesus Christ, His death and ultimate resurrection, we find a deeper conviction as a people to lead a life of humility, honesty, righteousness, and kindness.


Never in the recent history of our Yoruba nation have we ever had a greater call as a people to be compassionate, united and empathetic to one another at these difficult times. The unending challenges and crisis facing Yorubas is testing our collective resilience as a people.


It's a known fact that we are like an orphan in this nation considering all we suffered since Buhari came to power. We have cried out over incessant kidnappings, raping, banditry and murder carried out by the illegal squatters in Yoruba's farmlands and forests but the Buhari-led federal government had no answer even when notable Yoruba personalities became victims.


Therefore, let us be each other’s keepers this Easter Season and even beyond and it's my prayer that we will not miss the blessings of the sacrifice, redemption and love that this season symbolize.

Once again, Happy Easter!



(The Erelu Oodua of Aye Kingdom & Irawo-Oni Oodua of Yorubaland)

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