Numbers don’t lie, facts speak for themselves! Our continuous dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional luxury real estate projects has been noticed as we have been awarded by (REDAN) for an Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Development of the Real Estate Sector in Lagos State.


Our results speak for us. Report cards don´t deceive, rather, they are key indicators of performance; reminding us of what we have done right, where we are now, and what we can do better.



Growing up, my biggest nightmares were the 3 times in a year that I had to go over to my Dad´s place, because he was a disciplinarian and hell-bent on performance, for him, being the best wasn’t negotiable and as a kid, I just couldn’t understand, I can remember cursing under my breath and crying hard after I get strokes of the cane for not doing class. He talked so much about life being a competition and how I need to learn to be more competitive or suffer the consequences later in life.


Today, I appreciate those lessons, as they have given me an edge in the world of business, amongst local and international competitors, reminding me that right from the stages of planning and architectural design, mediocrity isn´t an option; and if we want to be top 3 in Africa and top 10 in the world, we need to think customers first. Innovation must be the foundation of our projects, and diligence should be embedded in our DNA. This explains why we stand shoulder to shoulder with renowned companies from Asia to Africa and Europe.


“ The diligent shall eat amongst Kings and not mere men,” is a biblical law we at Sujimoto attach ourselves to and that’s why from inception Integrity, Quality and Innovation have been the foundation of who we are and what we are as a company.


It’s in the same quest for unparalleled excellence we have designed architectural masterpieces that are fiercely been competing with luxurious historical landmarks around the world.


5 Year after continuous construction with determination, hard work and an almost annoying attitude of never giving up, Sujimoto has once again been recognized by the Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria (REDAN) for an Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Development of the Real Estate Sector in Lagos State. Watch this space. More to come!


Thanks to  the Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria for drawing a highly competitive measuring yard and choosing us. You have ignited in us a fire to remind us that the starting point for customer satisfaction is value creation and we promise to never stop.

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