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Celebrate Love at Nevada Hotels and Suite this Valentine


It is another beautiful season of expressing love and Nevada Hotels and Suites is treating couples to its Valentine Fiesta on the 14th of February.

The Valentine Couple Fiesta promises to be fun-filled as prizes worth 100 thousand naira are to be won with a candlelight dinner in a Luxury room.

Steps to win;
Nevada Couple Fiesta.

1.     Follow @nevadainnhotels on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

2.     Take a picture of you and your spouse writing a short story of how you met, tagging @nevadainnhotels with your spouse's handle

3.     Use the hashtags #nevadainnhotels #nevadavalspecial #nhs

4.     Post to get a repost on Nevada page

Note: Post with the highest likes and comments wins the Luxury Room & a Candle Light Dinner.

The hotel offers a wide range of room service and outstanding services. From its culinary delights to clean and spacious rooms. It also boasts of staff with standard working ethics as well as serenity and complete comfort to welcome couples as they share in the love of the season


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